Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little People

The other day, while drowning in my comatose stupor of television and rice crispies cereal, I found something very amusing: First, an ad for TLC's popular series, Little People Big World, in which it seemed that the father was suffering from some very threatening health issues. Then a commercial for the children's toy, "Little People" in which children play with plastic toys which, let's face it, they could probably choke on. Let me play it out for you in pictures...

First this...
Little People, Big World

Then this...
Little People from Fisher Price

Is there anyone who is responsible for the sequence in which commercials are aired? If so, whoever was in charge of TLC's that afternoon was a complete idiot.

Or an incredible genius.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Percy

Me (In the storage space above the garage): Why don't you just get rid of some of these suitcases? Do you really need 16 pieces of luggage at a time?
Mr. Percy: Fashion changes.

5 minutes later...

Mr. Percy: Come sit with me while I sew my apron.

Oh yeah, Mr. Percy is my dad. He's a well-established geologist and hydrologist having taught at the National University of Singapore and UC Berkely. He's currently sitting at the dining table, wearing a t-shirt that says "Americans do it best"and stitching a denim apron.