Wednesday, May 7, 2008


After the cyclone hit Burma on Saturday, the death toll has reached over 22,000 and the government is still making it difficult for aid to reach their citizens. Not that one would expect much from a government that has denied democracy for decades and continues to control its' population with a Big Brother-like fist.

It is absolutely shameful that Myanmar is making it difficult for aid groups like the UN to provide help while more and more people are dying everyday from famine, dehydration, and disease.

Condoleezza Rice is quoted to have said, "What remains is for the Burmese government to allow the international community to help its people. It should be a simple matter. It is not a matter of politics." Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

Does anyone remember when the United States government denied aid offered by the Cuban and Venezuelan government when Hurricane Katrina hit our country? And almost two and a half years later people are still picking up the pieces. Excuse me, some people are still picking up the pieces. Those who can barely afford it are picking up the pieces. Let's hope the Burmese government can take care of their citizens.

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