Friday, July 25, 2008

Chick Flicks for the Gentlemen

She: What should we watch tonight, snugglepuss?
He: I rented Armageddon, Rocky, and Season 10 of South Park. And don't call me "snugglepuss".
She: Ohhh, ummm, hmmm. I heard Bridget Jones's Diary is good. How about that, doodlebug?
He: Eff that. Your choice in movies are almost as bad as your choice in pet names. Don't call me "doodlebug".
She: Well at least I don't fart in the grocery store then walk away quickly so that the people around us think it was me.
He: What?! That was once! And you were the one who farted.
She: Tee hee. I love you, muffintop.
He: I think it's time we broke up.

How do you prevent a catastrophe as horrific as this one? I don't know. But I believe all girlfriends have a responsibility to pick films that both sides will enjoy. Or guys can pick something from this list to win a couple points with his woman. And don't call her your "woman".

Chick Flicks that Guys will Dig

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Feminine: The love story. The wedding. Joey from *NSync.
Masculine: Testicle jokes.
I think the tumor monologue pretty much speaks for itself.

That Thing You Do

Feminine: The love story. The adorable guys. Tom Hanks.
Masculine: The band. Tom Hanks.
"How do you sell a chicken to a deaf guy?"

Love Actually

Feminine: Pretty much everything.
Masculine: The nudity. The humor. Bill Nighy.
This movie has been approved by every guy I have talked to.

When Harry met Sally

Feminine: Meg Ryan
Masculine: Billy Crystal
A classic. This movie set the bar for romantic comedies.


Zac said...

Any man who doesn't love "Love Actually" is worthless. Any woman who doesn't love it is horrible if she's ugly, but quirky if she's hot.

Sachin said...

I think Joey from *NSync is also for the men. Right?