Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Rainbow Birthday

Yesterday started out with a rally against Proposition 8 in front of San Francisco's City Hall. It was also my birthday. 

The end of the rally turned into an impromptu march/gay-pride parade down Market Street. Perhaps the leaders had not planned where they were going because midway through the march there was a complicated U-turn and people started chanting, "U-nion-Square!" Let's just say the tourists waiting for the cable car got a real San Francisco treat when a couple dressed in drag shook their hands and welcomed them to their fine city.

But, the best part of this rally was the posters. For example:

"Don't take away Dumbledore's rights"


"Want to stop gay sex? Legalize gay marriage"

and my personal favorite...

Which was reminiscent of a poster at the next place we visited:

Sachin and I met up with Zac and Kirstin at our newfound hangout, Crown and Crumpet. Honestly, it looks like you walked into the decor8, sfgirlbybay, and yvestown blogs in Ghirardelli Square. 

Images from Crown & Crumpet and Ruby Press

No detail is too small - There's even little sugar shapes hidden in the sugar bowl!

After getting high on caffeine and scones, we sidled over to Greens, an all-vegetarian restaurant.

The food was absolutely delish. I think all of us can recommend the wilted savoy spinach salad as an appetizer. Our waiter was the real treat of the evening, mostly because of his Irish accent. Okay, entirely because of his Irish accent.

And finally, a night cap at Absinthe Bar. 

Image from Absinthe Gallery

All in all, a wonderful wonderful day. And Sachin and I crashed on the BART ride home.


Kirstin said...

"Crashed" on bart? It was a wonderful day. I hope you know I think you're profound.

Zac said...

And that Martinez was actually a little too fruit-tasting for my tastes... which ought to surprise us all.

It was a wonderful day. I hope your today was great as well. Happy birthday.