Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost vs. Heroes: A Tutorial

Is it just me, or has Heroes really been heading downhill recently? It's like the writers gave up midway through their third season. To illustrate this, I decided to make a chart detailing the development of both television series...

The Development of Lost vs. Heroes

As you can see, "Lost" tends to go all over the place. This has resulted in some great highs ("Walkabout", "Catch-22", the end of Season 4) and great lows (Nikki and Paulo, any episode starring Ana Lucia). 

"Heroes", on the other hand, was relatively consistent. It got consistantly better in Season 1 as Peter gained more powers, and in Season 2 with all that jumping through the time-space continuum. And then halfway through Season 3 it just...died. The show just took a nosedive in 2009 and has left me frighteningly close to watching Lifetime.

It seemed like the writers of "Heroes" were trying to follow some "Lost" formula. Case in point...

The Indians
Yes, both actors have an Indian background. I'm going with Suresh on this one. 
Partially because of the accent, partially because his character is not offensive to anyone from the Middle East.

The Koreans
Oooh. I think both actors are Korean-American, but who cares? Look at those absies...

The Pre-Pubescent Boys
Both characters are secretly bad-ass. Micah because of the whole "Rebel" thing (though, why they chose such a terrible alias is beyond me), and Walt because there's something more to him that we've yet to learn about...

The Double-Agent Dads Who Adopted Their Daughters
Seriously, whose side is he on?!

But there are a few things that the writers of "Heroes" still need to work on...

Claire vs. Claire
They're blonde, they're adorable, they can't seem to figure things out. But technically, Claire Bennett has yet to graduate from high school. Stop trying to make Claire the sex toy on "Heroes", it's creepy. Also, she has freakishly tiny hands.

Multiple women  vs. The same woman over and over again


For the love of god, just hire a new actress. Until you do, we'll be stuck watching the same woman play what is essentially the same character over and over again. Badly.

Jumping through time vs. Not jumping through time
Oh my god. What are they doing in the Dharma Initiative?!


I wish Hiro was cool again.

It's simple: (Time x Space) - Logic = Really Good TV

Creepy bald leader vs. Creepy bald leader
Both are willing to sacrifice lives to attain their goal, but Emile Danko is just not as interesting as John Locke. Get rid of him. His character is very one-sided. He's too evil to be interesting.


Courtney said...

shaiya, i think i just fell even more deeply in love with you than i already was.

Zac said...

"It's simple: (Time x Space) - Logic = Really Good TV"

so true.