Friday, June 26, 2009

The Adventures of Penny and Rumi

I know I can't, but if I were to adopt one of these kittens it would most likely be Penny. She's very smart (her ability to find new ways to crawl into the heating vent is driving me insane), very sweet, and has the most hilarious big eyes.

Ooooh! Zoom lens! Is that a Leica?

She's friendly to both humans and cats alike.

Go ahead, Rumi! You can eat my food! It IS kitten food so technically not the best thing for you, but enjoy your next bowel movement!

And there are few things cuter than when she sees me in the room and curls up next to me to fall asleep.

Check out meh six nipples.

And throughout it all, Rumi stays the same.

Yup, that's him... straddling his cat tower.

I'm a classy cat.

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