Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucky Black Cats

Max (left) and Rastus (right), the infamous team from New Zealand who would cruise around highways on their 1950's Sunbeam motorbike. Max would wear a badge that said "Cat Chauffeur" and Rastus would return the favor by wearing special red hat with antlers during Christmastime.

While his owners are at work everyday, Fidel makes his way to the Deal Library in Kent, UK. An avid supporter of literature for all, Fidel sometimes shows up before the library staff have arrived. During the day he enjoys sitting in his blue chair (blue compliments his black sheen), criticizing artwork (prefers the work of artist, Rodolphe Salis), and catching up on the works of Edgar Allen Poe).

Perhaps now you'll think twice about avoiding a black cat the next time it crosses your path. 

For Rumi & Sachin...

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