Saturday, April 5, 2008


One thing I'm looking forward to after I graduate is being able to decorate a place of my own. Living with other girls makes it difficult to decorate in a style that you think looks good, while they would prefer something closer to the Madonna Inn. Therefore the only piece of decor in our apartment is a framed Arrested Development poster above the faux fireplace. I'm not complaining.

I found this Indonesian opium daybed on craigslist and I'm obsessed.

I think it looks absolutely amazing. I would make one large white cushion/mattress to replace the two red and orange cushions and it could double as a bed for overnight guests. It reminds me so much of Lien's bed in The Vertical Ray of the Sun. The problem is: It's selling for $1,000. Not sure if I could convince Sachin to make it an early graduation gift.

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