Friday, April 4, 2008

Priorities and Resolution of the Month

Recent events regarding the people around me have made me really look at where my priorities lie, so I thought this would be a good place to write things out...

My Priorities Are...
1. Being a good big sister to my younger sister.
2. Being a decent daughter and granddaughter to my parents and grandparents.
3. Doing well in school.
4. Being kind, helpful, and always entertaining to Sachin.
5. Being a good coordinator for the Campus Tours Program.
6. Being there for my friends.
7. Being an well-educated citizen of the world.
8. Writing more diligently in this blog.
9. Become killer at Rock Band.
10. Grilled Cheese.

That was pretty cheesy. And rather narcissistic. I apologize.

So here is...
This Month's Resolution

Drink more water!

My skin has been looking horrendous, my hair is always dry, and there have been days when I did not even drink a single sip of water. It's healthy! Join me, won't you?

As an update on last month's resolution; it was awful! Within a week I realized it would be impossible to carry out. One cannot even go grocery shopping without using a plastic bag, jar, or bottle. Even buying milk was a dilemma unto itself!

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