Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fine. I'll vote for Barack.

Yesterday in class the conversation turned to politics. It started with three girls announcing they were Republicans and ended with this...
"In my opinion, the reason why gas prices are so high is because we need to start giving more money to the gas companies like Exxon-Mobil and BP so that they can afford to turn to alternative forms of energy in the future. Obviously it will take a lot of money to change our dependence on oil and they don't want to lay off any workers, so they're hiking up the prices to plan for the future... I have a feeling the government knows what they're doing. And it's not important to me to know everything that's going on. I say, 'Do whatever you guys need to do, just make sure you keep the crazy people from blowing up my plane.' "
Fine. You win, America. I will do anything to make sure my vote will cancel the girl who said that.

Who I'm voting for

Who I wish I was voting for

If McCain is voted president I will have to leave the country. But where on earth could I go where the dirty hands of this country can't reach?

Me in Cuba

Me in North Korea


Anonymous said...

Where'd you find that picture of me in North Korea!?


Shaiya said...

That's a great high kick. I don't remember you being this coordinated.